Traction / Tread Wear / Noise

Tire manufacturers and importers of record must ensure that the tires they sell meet a variety of governmental regulations. These include measurements of a tire’s braking traction, its wear life, and its pass-by noise.

In the U.S., NHTSA’s Uniform Tire Quality Grading standard (UTQG) requires that tires be labelled with a measure of their wet braking traction performance, their predicted tread wear life, and their high temperature endurance.

In the E.U., tires must be homologated according to UNECE R117, which requires measurement of wet grip and pass-by noise.

Smithers can make the measurements to help you with all of these requirements. In addition, we can assist you to create custom test programs for wet and dry pavement traction (including GMW15208), winter traction , treadwear, and noise to assist your development efforts.

Learn more about snow and ice traction testing and indoor treadwear.

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