Smithers believes in an ethical, client-focused culture to build trusting relationships. This belief has been integral to Smithers for nearly 100 years.

This belief has not changed from 1925 when the company began in a three-bay garage in Akron, Ohio testing tires. At that time, no independent testing, research and consulting firm provided comprehensive testing and published its findings in a monthly report.  The Smithers Report helped create the tire standards used today and Smithers has not missed publishing a monthly report for nearly a century. Setting industry standards and providing the most accurate, trusted data is at the bedrock of who we are.

We take pride in the physical equipment in our laboratory and in the techniques we have developed over the years.

We take more pride in finding ways to answer the new questions that are arising every day. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll do our best – promptly.

- Vernon L. Smithers

Even as Smithers grew into new industries for nearly a century, our commitment to deliver Accurate Data, On Time, With High Touch remained constant.

Our leaders bring this core belief into everything we do no matter if it is providing a market research report or conducting compliance testing for a new drug.

As an old customer of Smithers, I can describe that what really sets us apart is the consultative approach that we take on, on any mission that we have with our customers. Smithers has that philosophy of delivering accurate data, on time, with high touch.

- Gael Peron, Vice President, Medical Device Testing

High touch means understanding and meeting the customer’s technical, service, and business case expectations.

- Nat Leonard, Group President

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