In the decades that followed, Smithers gained many European clients as its reputation for delivering high quality work spread. Service offerings continued to expand as well during this time. By the time Robert Dunlop had purchased Smithers in 1955, the company had begun offering tractor tire testing, tread rubber testing, and testing tires involved in car accidents. Smithers experts frequently gave court testimonies when automobile accident cases were brought to court.

As Smithers continued to add areas of expertise including fillers, carbon blacks, clays, and other rubber products, it became necessary to move operations into a bigger facility. That's why in 1963, Smithers moved into a building on West Market Street in Akron. Smithers experts still conducts tests and write reports in this facility to this day. Soon after moving into the West Market Street building, Smithers acquired an Akron based company that specialized in providing consulting services for tire manufacturers. The company's owner, Herman Hochschwender, would go on to become the President & CEO of Smithers as would his son, Michael, who continues to lead Smithers today.
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