While focused on California, USA – Prop 65 has global interest. Due to the well-known nature of the regulation, compliance can be used as a marketing tool. As well as this, challenges with achieving compliance across the USA and not wanting to prevent the sale of products within one state means many companies globally will aim to comply with Prop 65.

Prop 65 screening

Smithers experts perform Prop 65 testing on a large range of products including consumer goods and food packaging materials.

Prop 65 is challenging from the sheer number of chemicals that are included in the restricted list. They require advanced equipment and expert analysts to validate and assess the levels at which they’re present in a material.

With decades of analytical testing and expertise that goes far beyond just data, Smithers is well-placed to be able to help you determine if regulated compounds are present in your products and materials.

Our experts work to understand the end-use of the article. From that, the team can develop realistic, bespoke exposure tests to present clients with insights that matter to them. For example, Smithers can expose samples with simulants to replicate a material being exposed to sweat in a repeatable laboratory environment. 

This applies to many other scenarios, exposure types and simulants. Please contact an expert to find out more.

Regulatory guidance for Prop 65

Smithers experts provide regulatory guidance as well as analytical testing support to help your team navigate current and future regulations.

Smithers Prop 65 testing support includes:

  • Bill of materials review and prioritisation of substances for test
  • Identify Prop 65 in materials or products
  • Screening and bulk testing
  • Support in substance review and guidance for substitution programmes
  • Handling and exposure testing
  • Help quantify levels for comparison with regulations
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